THE LAWS Of CREATION provides insight into The Secrets of what the Laws of Attraction are really all about;

harnessing the power within you to create the life that you truly deserve.

Are you living the life that you always imagined, the life that you really desire? Can you realize your dreams, or are they gradually slipping away from you?.

We are the creators of our own perceived reality. Don't be a creation of circumstances. Take full control of your destiny.

The LAWS OF CREATION will direct you towards creating a life that you truly deserve; start realizing your dreams, creating the things you actually desire, gaining the know-how into what life is really about, helping you find solutions to whatever you are facing. Start unlocking the mysteries of life today by reading;
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AVAILABLE NOW in Paperback, or all major E-book formats

Backed with personal insights and well-research studies, The Laws of Creation will inspire and motivate readers as it offers thoughts to overcome life's issues, allowing one to live the life imagined by creating what is needed to live the life that is truly deserved.

Steven Redhead has over 35 years experience writing motivational spiritually based philosophy, that is intended to inspire people into asking themselves the questions that will point them towards what they are searching for. His work is intended to bringing the many possibilities available to you to life, by making you aware of the options available for creating the life you desire.