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The path you create or follow becomes the story of your life

Possible Benefit Of Reading The Laws Of Creation
The Laws Of Creation is ideal reading for anyone who is searching for the answers to life's many mysteries. You are indeed the architect of your own life. Use your willpower to put into action the choices that will control you destiny, create your life path, your fortune. Start living by taking back total control over your life now.
Are you living or creating the life that you deserve, the life that you always imagined, the life that you really desire? Can you realize your dreams, or are they gradually slipping away from you?
You are in fact the masters of your very own universe, with the ability to create and attract whatever you need. The Laws of Creation enables you to find out how to attract towards you what you most desire.
You are the architect of your own life; use your willpower to make those choices that will control your destiny, wisely creating your life path, your fortune, whatever you conceive that to be. Start to live by taking back the control over your life now.....

Creation of Reality
We are indeed all creators in one form or another. It is an obvious fact that humans throughout the ages have created everything that can be observed within the physical world.
The term Laws of Attraction refers to how to draw to you the value things you wish to acquire; achieved first by forming the image of what you want, then the space within your reality for that thing to exist. The Laws of Creation are not about attracting what you want, but rather about creating through desires, imagination, expectation, belief, persistence and energy the things that you want to exist within your life.
Unfortunately many never even come close to achieving their true potential for living the life they intended, usually because they settled for something else due to; laziness, lack of energy, a passive attitude, lack of perseverance or commitment, distracted due to lack of focus, or having unclear desires.

We Are All Creators
Everyone has the potential to control of their own destiny, no matter how difficult that may be to comprehend. Immaterial of how wondrous or dire your life situation may be there is potential to modify or completely change reality at will to become whatever you may desire to experience. Believe it or not, you are capable of recreating each and every aspect of your life at will. The mind's capacity to dream, to imagine, or produce complexed and intricate daydreams is the unexploited part of the ability to create what is wanted. However, unfortunately, many don't bring those dreams into reality, they stay just dreams, wishes, hopes and ideas that are destined never to see the light of day.
Whenever your mind builds stories or scenarios it is possible for these to come true, either partially or entirely; so be careful what you think about or wish for. Repetitive thinking or doting on some subject will enforce it, causing it to happen within your life.

You are the masters and architect of your own Universe
Individual Creators
You are the creator of your own perceived reality; your actions, thoughts, beliefs, your mental and physical health, all contribute towards what you finally experience and perceive. If you don't spend the time and the energy to create the future then fate will surely do that for you.
When you create the future you have choices; when fate creates your future you have to accept what comes your way almost unconditionally, at least initially. If you then do nothing to change what is occurring you will then become destined to be buffeted by the various effects of whatever fate throws your way. You and your reality are the sum of what you perceive yourself and reality to be, nothing more and nothing less.

Everyone actually has immense creative powers; for some far more pronounced than for others. Therefore, there are those who can harness these powers easily, while other have difficulty to capitalize upon these creative abilities. In fact everyone has the same level of ability to create; enabling those with knowledge to use this power more efficiently and effectively, or more wisely than others. Yet some, for one reason or another, they are completely unable to recognize the power of creation that they actually have available to them; which in turn tends towards leading a life of meritocracy.
How are creative abilities to be summed up? For some this is a daunting question, for others the question doesn't even exist. In fact creative abilities are only limited by the aptitude to start the process of creating something, backed by the belief that everything is indeed possible.

Design Your Life
Day by day is definitely not the way to live your life. At the moment you may be quite contented to do so, but finally at some stage you could have regrets not to have created a life that meets your true potential or desires for life.
Of course you decided what to study at university, which profession to follow, where to live, the people that you wish to know; but the detailed in-depth design for the creation of a life journey is rarely considered. Many people are happy just to get through the day rather than reaching for a better tomorrow.

The Creation Of Self
It is actually possible to be whoever or whatever you wish to be, based upon your choice to decide what course to follow in this life. Finding yourself lies in how and what you decide to create; this is the basis of all the choices you get to make; some decisions are conscious others subliminal or externally influenced. Few people work from this base to create whoever they are or really wish to become. Usually the self image or persona is a work in progress, gradually changing and evolving naturally, but also open to the whims of the moment and numerous external effects. All the thing you have been expose to, every thought goes towards creating who you are and most importantly who you will become.

Life is just a game; all you need to learn are the rules to help you win.

The Golden Rules Of The Laws Of Creative Attraction
The Laws of Creation and The Laws of Attraction are multifaceted, they revolve around the key driving factors that give life to what you wish to obtain. These governing factors include; imagination, intuitive ideas, knowledge, expectation, desire, belief, trust, conviction, focus, perseverance, and the energy that needs to be applied.
Imagination: As already mentioned, all the elements that consist of what you desire need to be carefully identified and clearly determined. What is left out can be the weakness or crack in the fabric that causes what you want to not be fully represented in what you get.

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