THE LAWS OF CREATION - What the Laws of Attraction are really about; how to harness the power of creation within us to make life what you truly desire.

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You are the architect of your own Reality, therefore use your willpower, make the choices that control your destiny, create your own life path, your own fortune that is based upon what you truly desire.

Life is the most wondrous Journey, yet many have lost their way by not managing their life well.

Your Life was meant to be wondrous adventure, you trade that ideal for whatever you have because of your complacency or whenever you accept whatever comes your way.

Do not surrender the decisions controlling your life by allowing others to interfere with your destiny, we all have the right to make all the choices concerning how we experience our life, start living by taking back control over your life now.

We all create the chains that bind us, that limit us, that hold us back or even stop us from achieving our true potential in life.

Life is sometimes called an illusion, a swift fleeting moment in eternity; when our spirits dance in the light of time.

Life can seem to be full of mystery, full of adventure, even confusing on occasions; at times you can face obstacles and great tribulation. Yet life is a wondrous experience that needn’t be a mystery to you, needn’t be a hardship, a challenge, or a drudge, but can be a joyous experience a wondrous adventure.

Life was never meant to be difficult, we just make it that way so that it fits into societies and our indoctrinated concept of what things should be like.

You can set ourselves free by removing or eliminating anything that is undesirable in your life, no matter what or how high the cost.

The things each of us seek in life are in many ways are different, but also in many ways similar, if you care to look.

There is no longer a need anymore to live day-by-day, just reacting case by case to what ever life's circumstances may throw in our way. Our life is sometimes called an illusion, a swift fleeting moment in eternity; when our spirits dance in the light of time.

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