Creating a Life You Truly Deserve
By: Steven Redhead

A Sensational New Perspective on Life

THE LAWS Of CREATION provides insight into The Secrets of what the Laws of Attraction are really all about; harnessing the power within each of us of to create the life that we truly deserve.

THE LAWS Of CREATION will direct you towards creating a life that you truly deserve; start realizing your dreams, creating the things you actually desire, gaining the know-how into what life is really about, helping you find solutions to whatever you are facing.

THE LAWS Of CREATION is ideal reading for anyone who is searching for the answers to life’s many mysteries.

Life is a wonderous journey, but moderning living has caused many to loose their way, this book offers directions on how to return to your true life-path.
THE LAWS Of CREATION outlines some main areas that make up our life that we can focus upon to help us find a potential resolution to issues that we are face with. By simply starting the thought process off, through a hint that will point us in the right direction, we can start our life journey anew. These key solutions are intended to help you on your way through life, on your journey of discovery to find out who you are as well as who you wish to be.

Life was never meant to be difficult, we just make it that way so that it fits into societies and our indoctrinated concept of what things should be like. Our Life was meant to be wondrous adventure, we trade that ideal for whatever we have because of our complacency or whenever we accept whatever comes our way. We can set ourselves free by removing or eliminating anything that is undesirable in our life, no matter what or how high the cost.

Are you living the life that you most desire, the life you imagined? Can you realize your dreams, or are your dreams gradually slipping away from you? THE LAWS Of CREATION will assist you to live a life that you truly deserve; a life of joy, contentment, happiness, peace, wealth, health; living your dream, creating the things you desire, gaining the knowledge to what life is really about. THE LAWS Of CREATION gives insight into what the Laws of Attraction are really about; how to harness the power of creation within us to make life what you truly desire.

Life is the most wondrous Journey, yet many have lost their way by not managing their life well. The Solution offers thoughts to overcome life's issues, allowing you to live the life you imagined by creating what you need to live the life you truly deserve. Start applying the principals this book contains in order to begin changing your life now. Life can seem to be full of mystery, full of adventure, even confusing on occasions; at times we can face obstacles and great tribulation. Yet life is a wondrous experience that needn’t be a mystery to us, needn’t be a hardship, a challenge, or a drudge, but can be a joyous experience a wondrous adventure.

The things each of us seek in life are in many ways are different, but also in many ways similar, if you care to look. The keys to each solution are here for you to read; but try to adjust them to suit yourself by letting each solution be a seed of thought that will lead to form ideas about how to improve your life, how to lead your life then understand life’s purpose. There is no longer a need anymore to live day-by-day, just reacting case by case to what ever life's circumstances may throw in our way. Our life is sometimes called an illusion, a swift fleeting moment in eternity; when our spirits dance in the light of time.

This book could literally help save your life in the true sense. Do not surrender the decisions controlling your life by allowing others to interfere with your destiny, we all have the right to make all the choices concerning how we experience our life, start living by taking back control over your life now. Modern living has taken us far from the intended course of our life, this book offers directions on how to return to our true life path.This book addresses issues that face all of us in our daily life; ideal reading for anyone in search of the answers to the many mysteries of life.

    Author: Steven Redhead

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    Paperback ISBN: 978-1508438038
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    E-book ISBN: 978-1310519314

    Published: February 2015
    Language: English
    Word Count: 89,060
    Paperback: 242 pages
    Paperback Size: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

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Author Steven Redhead has over 35 years of experience writing motivational spiritual philosophy that is intended to inspire people into asking themselves the questions that will lead them to The Solution they are searching for. Since 1998 the author has published a wide range of very popular well established Web-Sites that have regular visitors from 176 countries. The Author has written extensively on subjects related to Life Paths, Self Help, Laws of Attraction (LOA), Intuitive Spiritual Philosophy, The Meaning and Purpose of Life, and other Metaphysical Thoughts. The extended knowledge and ideas amassed over the years are gathered together in the Book of Life Series, this new release The Laws Of Creation is the follow up of the first book The Solution.

This self help coach has a novel insight into the Laws of Attracting what you truly desire; the direction given in this book will help guide you towards finding the life path that you are searching for. Obtain ideas that will enable you to gain insight into how to deal with what may arise; then progress to start living the reality you truly desire and deserve; live life as it was originally intended to be. This is what life is really all about, giving your own meaning to life so that you can live a life of contented bliss. Make the changes to ensure your life is what you desire and how only you intend it to be. Learn to live and create your own reality rather than living that of others.

Born in the U.K., the Author is a published songwriter, member of the British Poetry Society and has published articles both in spiritual magazines and independent as well as his own web-sites. He has spent the last 30 years entirely in Asia, especially Japan assisting businesses to succeed and prosper.

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